Check My Address Plugin for WooCommerce

Let customers check if your store makes deliveries to their address + the expected shipping rate. Simply place the address checker on any page with a shortcode.

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Locate user position

Let user locate their current position and translate it to the best accruable street address.

Check My Address Plugin

$ 29 annually
  • Check My Address Plugin
  • One year support & updates

Plugin Package

Check My Address + Shipping Zones by Drawing Premium
$ 55 annually
  • Check My Address Plugin
  • Shipping Zones by Drawing
  • One year support & updates
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Use address at checkout

Possibility to save an accepted delivery address and then insert it in the delivery address form at checkout.

Pick Delivery Location from Map

If the user enters an address that cannot be geolocated as an exact delivery address, a map will be displayed to allow the user to select the exact delivery location.

Shipping depending on cart contents?

Select whether you want to do the address validation with respect to the actual contents of the shopping cart. This can be useful if the address check is located on the checkout page or on another page where the shopping cart is already filled.